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TeamBiddles is a financial literacy & Investing advocate, research, education and consulting division of Biddles Investment Group, LLC (BIG) 


Biddles Investment Group, or (BIG) is a limited liability company formed in 2007.  Our Motto Is: 


Think BIG.  Dream BIG.


Education for personal finance, investing, and small business


Research on stocks, equities, cryptocurrencies and Forex.

Consulting on market investment techniques, business start-up, & treasury strategies . 

Investment Group  setup, administration, & asset management.

Our Mission

To improve Americans' financial knowledge and confidence in the areas of saving, spending, and investing. 

To provide information, tools, and resources, in a simple to understand format to help you get excited about planning and executing steps to secure your financial future.


To assist in boosting the National Financial Literacy rate & National Investment Rate Among Minorities.

Address economic & financial inequities and disparities.  

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Trust Us

To be a valuable resource to help You build your overall financial wellness.

Whether it's:

  • Personal Finance

  • Investing

  • Small Business 

We have you covered! You can count on us to help you improve your financial situation and confidence, so you can put your money to work for you through successful investing or starting your own business.

Financial Wellness Path

Happy Family

Achieve Healthy Finances


Step #1


Education & Planning For


Paying Off Debt

Establishing an Emergency Fund

Saving Tricks, Tips, & Hacks

Strategies to Boost Credit

Choosing Financial Institutions

In a Meeting

Let Your Money Work Through Safe Investing


Step #2

Education & Consulting For:


Long Term Investing Strategies

Retirement Plan Setup or


 (SEP, 401k, 403b)


Active Traders & Technical Analysis

Explore Your Passions to Create Additional Income


Step #3

Consulting For: 

Starting Your Business

Joining or Starting an

Investment Club

Determining How You Can Open Additional Streams of Income


Our Why

Over 20%

Of Adults are not able to pay all of their current month's bills in full

Of young adults under age 30 receive some form of financial support from someone outside the home


Great Service very professional definitely recommending to friends and family!!


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Brandon Biddles, PMP, MBA

Hedge Fund Manager 

Brandon Biddles is a Michigan native who attended and graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Communications and and Masters in Business Administration in Finance.  Brandon has worked in the financial services and healthcare industries as a Transformation Consulting Project Manager and has his Project Management Professional Certification through PMI Institute.   


Brandon has a passion for the stock market, investing, and financial literacy.  His hobby is swing trading stocks in the stock market and he has a raging passion to make others make their money work for them.  That led him to build the social enterprise platform TeamBiddles to help empower You to get on sound financial footing and to be confident in Your finances so eventually You can be comfortable to invest on Your own.  In addition, He is also passionate about entrepreneurship and helping you find things you are passionate about to establish additional streams of income.   


"In today's reality, in order for people to not just survive, but to thrive they cannot be dependent only on one stream of income.  Picture a table with one leg at the center, remove that leg and it falls.  Now picture a table with 4 legs, if one leg is removed the table may wobble but it still stands.  Coronavirus has made this even more imperative."  -  Brandon J. Biddles 


Always optimistic, encouraging and motivating Brandon wants you to Think BIG. Dream BIG. hence Biddles Investment Group was formed.  TeamBiddles is the education platform for Biddles Investment Group. 


Empowering Your Financial & Investing Decisions.

We Conduct Market Research On With Advanced Tools On:


Stocks & Equities


Business Start Up

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

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100% Education & Consulting 


Dedicated To Helping You Reach Financial Wellness

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**DISCLOSURE & DISCLAIMER:  Biddles Investment Group, LLC and is a research and educational resource with opinion, investment experience, and raging passion to assist in providing financial resources, tools, and education to empower individuals to better manage finances, build financial confidence, and make informed financial decisions.  


The ideas and strategies presented should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting a financial professional. We are not a broker/dealer nor an investment adviser, the information presented is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only.  Biddles Investment Group, LLC and Company