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Updated: Feb 9

Useful tools & information if you or your family have been impacted by Coronavirus

Please find helpful resources below and find out 10 Ways The CARES Act Puts Money In Your Pocket.

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Shareable: How You Can Help Small Businesses Impacted By Covid
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The CARES Act Has Passed here are the highlights. The CARES Act will provide individuals, renters, students, homeowners, retirees, and small business owners with assistance due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The government has passed the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill. Many companies in addition to the government are providing relief as well. This economic stimulus and relief provides assistance for students, renters, homeowners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig workers.

If you are concerned you don't see your creditors, give them a call to see if they have a 0% interest deferment program. For example government student loan lenders will provide this but if you student loan provider is a private lender, they may have different options. Make sure they explain the details and you understand the details. Call your home loan provider, landlord, if you rent, along with your car loan and utilities providers to defer payments. This will free up cash regardless if you lost your job or not. It is always good to accept grace when grace is given.

As we receive additional updates we will add helpful articles to this list.

Which debts and bills to pay first during the Coronavirus outbreak

Financial educator: How to save money when you also have to help support family

Coronavirus has impacted health systems and the economy as a whole as businesses are encouraged and in some places forced to shutdown. Many service, restaurant. retail, manufacturer, and gig workers have had reduced hours or even experienced layoffs. Even if you are still working it may be in your best interest to take advantage of the assistance provided since we have not yet reached the peak of Coronavirus at the time of this writing and cases continue to increase overwhelming health systems and continuing to keep people from earning cash and stimulating the economy.

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