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Investing Education: Getting Started

Updated: Feb 2

Hi Investor, if you are just starting, dipped your toes a little bit, or are a seasoned investor we have information here that will be helpful.

It's easier today more than ever, to start investing. Now you don't have to purchase a whole share of stock, you can purchase a fractional share on several platforms. In addition, Robinhood a popular investing app has led the industry to charging no fees for trades. This along with the current economic situation provides great opportunity for you to invest in the stock market purchasing companies at a discount due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We publish our own trades, trade for private clients, but our main goal is to make you self sufficient by empowering and enabling you to invest on your own and be confident in your decisions.

Why Start Now?

You'll want to take advantage of Compound interest (or compounding interest) is interest calculated on the initial principal, which also includes all of the accumulated interest from previous periods on a deposit or loan. Thought to have originated in 17th century Italy, compound interest can be thought of as "interest on interest," and will make a sum grow at a faster rate than simple interest, which is calculated only on the principal amount. 

In addition, if you bought a stock too high you can dollar cost average your way down.

Here's an example:1 Share purchased at $20, stock falls to $16.00, Buy another share at $16 and now your total cost to own the stock has dropped to $18. Learn more about dollar cost averaging with these helpful articles:

What If I'm Afraid To Invest In The Stock Market?

Next we'd love to bust some Investing Myths so we're sharing some excerpts from our friends at Stash

Myth #1 "Investing Is Like Gambling"

Investing and gambling aren’t anything alike. When you invest, you can help control risk through diversification and by investing based on your goals and timelines—that’s not possible with gambling. And while gambling is a get-rich-quick scheme, investing is a strategy that can help you build wealth over time through consistent returns and the power of compounding.

Myth #2 "You Need To Be Rich Before You Invest"

It’s true that Wall Street and big banks can make it tough to start investing if you don’t have a lot of cash upfront. But micro-investing apps (like Stash!) have eliminated those barriers, making it possible to invest with as little as $5. Now anyone can build a portfolio and grow wealth over time, no matter how much they start with!

Myth # 3 "Professionals Do It Better"

There’s really no evidence to suggest that Wall Street fund managers are able to outperform the market. Anyone can learn how to invest! And when you invest on your own behalf, you could be cutting down on management fees while building a portfolio that feels true to you.

We offer a range of free and paid products & services, along with real time support to assist you on your investment journey

Getting Started Investing

Book a free session as we show you various platforms and provide beginner investment education, and guidance on how to protect & grow your investments. What you invest in will depend on your short and long term goals. There are various types of equities that will make up your portfolio ranging from the following:

  • Large-cap stocks: Shares issued by companies with a market capitalization above $10 billion

  • Mid-cap stocks: Shares issued by companies with a market capitalization between $2 billion and $10 billion

  • Small-cap stocks: Companies with a market capitalization of less than $2 billion. These equities tend to have a higher risk due to their lower liquidity.

  • International securities: Any security issued by a foreign company and listed on a foreign exchange

  • Emerging markets: Securities issued by companies in developing nations. These investments offer a high potential return and a high risk, due to their potential for country risk and their lower liquidity.

  • Fixed-income securities: Highly rated corporate or government bonds that pay the holder a set amount of interest, periodically or at maturity, and return the principal at the end of the period, these securities are less volatile and less risky than stocks.

  • Money market: Investments in short-term debt, typically a year or less, Treasury bills (T-bills) are the most common money market investment.

  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs): Shares in an investor pool of mortgages or properties

Investor Packages 1:1 Assistance

We have a star, sky, and sun package. Starting at $13.99/month, these packages offer:

  • Investing Goals Assessment

  • Investing Goals Road map Creation

  • Investing Advocate Accountability Partner & Mentor

  • Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Reminders & Check Ins

  • Live Stock Research or Stock Research Reports

  • Portfolio Review & Re-balancing

  • Quarterly Stock Top 10 List

  • Free Udemy Investing Course (Limited Time Only)

Live Online Stock Research

Ever wondered if you could invest in a company? Find out with our Live virtual stock research sessions starting at 30 minutes. You can understand how we review and analyze stocks. This analysis covers both fundamental and technical analysis. Book Online

Stock Reports

Our hottest seller we provide a comprehensive stock research report. This report includes stock profile, performance, fundamentals, and technical information. Custom reports will have buy points, pivot points, support and resistance.

Portfolio Re-Allocation

We offer services to review your portfolio with bi-annual, and annual options, see plans and pricing here. Asset allocation means spreading your investments across various asset classes. Broadly speaking, that means a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash or money market securities. The percentage of your portfolio you devote to each depends on your time frame and your tolerance for risk. This isn't a one-time decision. Revisit your choices from time to time to see if it is still meeting your needs and goals.

Learn More On How to Achieve Optimal Asset Allocation or Schedule A Review Session With Us


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Additional Investing Resources

We'll update this article with helpful investment tips and articles you can apply to your strategy today to increase your profit and reduce your risk.

“Don't move your money from Bear! That's just being silly! Don't be silly!" — Jim Cramer

Remember we are here for you as you start or continue your investment journey. We want you to build generational wealth and fulfill your own financial goals. You'll Learn:

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