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Updated: Feb 2

Have you ever wondered if you could invest in a company? Now you can find out! Or do you need quick tools to make a buy/sell decision. Well you've come to the right place.

We offer the tools below to help you get started with investing, if you are just beginning, have tinkered in the stock market or are a professional trader.

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Do It Yourself

There are lots of websites for you to do stock research on. Most of them have similar functions where you can find company financials, charts, potentially some technical analysis and analyst recommendations. Here are some of our top sites we like to use for stock research to get you started:

TradingView - Best for Charting

A great charting website where you can apply multiple strategies to a chart for analysis. A paid membership will unlock all the features and strategies.

Tradingview also allows you to follow traders and receive alerts on their trades. - Best for Overall Equity Evaluation is our favorite site as it has easy to understand company financials with graphs quarterly and annually. It does not sleep on the technical indicators either, they have a technical section which will show you candlestick patterns over a chart, you can even pull out historical candlestick pattern data for analysis. This site also has quick and easy to read Moving Average (MA) and Exponential Moving Average (EMA) price points along with several oscillators. One of my favorite features is the historical pricing tab that will arrange historical price data of an equity for any timeframe you select. There is also an archive of educational videos to get you started investing in the stock market.

Yahoo Finance - Best if You're Just Getting Started

Yahoo finance gives you the tools and features of most investing sites like, Bloomberg, etc. But it's especially simplified and easy to understand if you are just getting in the market. They also have nice stock research reports if you have any downtime for reading. These reports are one page reports and usually easily digestible. Another cool feature they have is Warren Buffet's portfolio holdings

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30 Minutes Live Virtual Stock Analysis

We offer a Free live virtual session for you, or you and your friends. Follow us along with Q&A as we show you what websites we use to analyze and make our stock purchase decisions.

Visit Our Markets Page - How We Can Help

Want to know where the markets are headed this week? Find out what's important on the stock market and/or Forex market? We try to keep it simple, if you head over to the Markets Page you'll find:

  • Stock Ticker with Live News

  • Video from on the week's market outlook

  • Top Active, Gainers, and Loser Stocks

  • Live currency exchange rates

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Free 30 Minutes Virtual Stock Research & Analysis

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