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Dividend Portfolio

Updated: May 14

A "themed" portfolio is a portfolio that holds stocks supporting a common theme or underlying economic trend such as the following:

  • Income Producing Dividend Portfolio

  • Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance Portfolio

  • Disruptive Company Portfolio

  • Aging Baby Boomers

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Create A Dividend Stock Portfolio

Themed Portfolios from Yahoo Finance

If you are looking to start a disruptive portfolio start with stocks like Tesla, Chewy, Zoom, and Amazon. For additional ideas look into lithium battery providers. Lithium is used to power Electric Vehicles or EV

For an EV portfolio look to names like Nio Motors, Xpeng Motors, Tesla, GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Tesla, and Lordstown Motors.

For inflation protection look at commodity miners such as Steel, Copper, Iron Ore miners as well as basic goods stocks. If inflation rises your dollar has less purchasing power. This means goods and services will be more expensive. Stocks such as Big Lots, Target, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Ollies, Five Below, will all benefit as individuals and families try to save money.

Themed Investing can be fun because you create a stock portfolio, where your money will work for you, in the causes and/or companies you believe in.

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